Smart Woman Securities Personal Invest Program

Join SWS at New York University to learn more about investments and personal finance 

Welcome to the NYU SWS Personal Invest Program

SWS is a national non-profit educating women in undergrad on finance and investment concepts through seminars, mentorships, and networking opportunities. SWS is working to create a new, diverse generation of women in finance. 

Hear Salonee introduce the Smart Woman Securities Personal Invest Program

Hello and welcome to the Smart Woman Securities Personal Invest Program at NYU, we are so excited to be connecting with you virtually on bridgespace! We’re very excited to have you guys here and are looking forward to these sessions.  What we’re going to be doing today is basically introducing myself, going into the purpose of our program as well as covering some initial investing basics before we get into other topics we’re going to be covering. So usually what we do is have you guys introduce yourself to each other but since we’re virtual I’ll just introduce myself to you guys. 

My name’s Salonee, I’m a junior, I’m from Chicago, I am in Stern School of Business studying finance and Data science with a minor in Sociology, a fun fact about me is that I love baking international desserts so I have done tres leches cakes, mochi, Italian donuts.  If I had to enter a food eating contest I’d go with eating blueberries just because they’re small and easy to fill up on, so yeah that’s a little about me.  

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