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Virtual Experiences
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Bridgespace makes it easy to take your CV experiences global with Competitions, Virtual Experiences,
and Impact Projects curated by top universities and companies from around the world.
Virtual experiences give you access to
opportunities across global universities
Be the perfect candidate
Students with diverse international experiences stand out to employers and university admission teams
Get involved on your schedule
Start from where you left off, wherever and whenever, for any certified Virtual Experience
No experience required
Open to anyone and everyone around the world in high school and university
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Dr. Rajeev Chib

investor sales, CITI

Rotman school of management
international advisory board

I am a strong advocate of taking your experiences global. What Bridgespace offers is very timely during these extraordinary times and certainly paves the way for the future of the education and campus experience. Thank you for sharing knowledge and innovation from student societies at universities around the world to any student, regardless of where they may be in the world.”

Bridgespace is in the right place in the right time, fulfilling a deep need for students to collaborate, learn, to build a global community, and to change the world. I salute this initiative and encourage others like me to give it their full support.”

Don Tapscott